Staggered 2014 – Somers, CT

Staggered: /ˈstagərd/ verb, past tense: staggered; past participle: staggered walk or move unsteadily, as if about to fall. astonish or deeply shock. arrange (events, payments, hours, etc.) so that they do not occur at the same time; spread over a period of time. I looked up the meaning of it and that’s what came up. All three of them actually applied to what happened… Read more →


New England’s Hidden Gem – Maine Line Exotics

A lot of people love New England because of the old American feel. Buildings that were built in the 1800’s still have that old authentic look but are usually renovated inside to have a newer, more comfortable interior and to make them energy compliant. There are some nice beaches around the New Hampshire and Maine coast but the water is… Read more →


Drift Spot NHMS – April 2014

My faith in drifting is slowly being restored. I attended a small event in New Hampshire that really put a smile on my face. Drift Spot has been hosting drift clinic since 2009 and still going strong to date. Last weekend, they hosted a drift clinic/test and tune at New Hampshire Motor Speedway located at the heart of Loudon, NH.… Read more →

_MG_2800-1 resize

Manufacturer’s Delight

Flocks of shrieking seagulls loomed overhead as the fog horn from a nearby container ship blared into the salty sea air of Long Beach Harbor. The soft patter of waves hitting the break water was rather soothing as we nervously started backing Josh Rozsa’s Nissan S13 into place. The glimmer of the marvelous fresh black paint was reflecting the hundreds… Read more →

Life and times with my Hakosuka…Part 9.1: Road Trips and Photo Shoots

Part 9.1: Road Trips and Photo Shoots With my Hako-chan finally up to par (at least to me) I felt more confident to show her around for others to see her. Like most of you I’m sure many of you feel the way I do. Your car is a representation of who you are, how you approach things, and an extension of… Read more →

MSD 8.5mm Spark Plug Wires

Life and times with my Hakosuka…Part 8: More stuff…

As most of you know, working on your favorite car never seems to end, once your done with one thing either something brakes or it’s “Hhhmmm, what can I do next?” I really miss my Skyline, like an old friend… Don’t worry, she’s still mine, sitting safely in her locked garage… on jack stands…. with gas stabilizer in the tank…… Read more →


How did America ruin drifting?

I guess you clicked on this article thinking that I have the answer, but I don’t. It’s more in the tune of, “Why do I feel like America has ruined drifting?” Drifting began back in the 70’s. Back then however, it wasn’t considered a sport, but more of a technique. It wasn’t until the late 80’s that drifting became popular… Read more →


Akira – Rauh-Welt Begriff, Manila

As some of you know, I have been out of the car scene for quite a while. So everything that has came out recently, like Liberty Walk‘s luxurious projects, Rocket Bunny‘s FR-S, Rauh-Welt Begriff‘s Porsche’s, are all foreign to me. I have only seen pictures and features online, but never in real life. Until I visited Ian at Car Porn… Read more →

Life and times with my Hakosuka…Part 7: Repair, replace and modify

Back to our regularly scheduled program… I know, I know, I know…my first order of business should’ve been repair. But modifying is so much fun!!! Its the first thing you see! (Man, I’m so superficial  But I had to finish the GT-R “look”. So once I got her home… No garage, not even a car port! Pretty much the norm in… Read more →


We’re not socially awkward…

It’s true. You can have a piece of AutoBatsu to take with you on whatever social media available on your fingertips.   Facebook Page   Instagram Feed   Twitter   Pinterest   If you still can’t get enough of AutoBatsu, you can follow our contributors as well:   Rob’s:  Rob’s Instagram  Twitter  Pinterest Roy’s:  Roy’s Instagram  Roy likes Pinterest, too! Teddy’s:… Read more →

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