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Work Hard.

When you were 16 what car did you want? You probably day dreamed about Skylines, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, or maybe even a Lotus. What if the car you wanted was something most people considered plain or ordinary? What if you set your goal just high enough to be attainable? Chris Buckner did just that but took it a step further. He… Read more →


THE First Japanese Supercar – Toyota 2000GT

Maybe you’re scratching your head from the last article that I wrote about Maine Line Exotics, which was barren of Toyota 2000GT (MF10) pictures except for one. If so, then I have done my job, I wanted to do this separately from the other post since I want your full attention for these beauties. This story is somewhat related to… Read more →

_MG_2800-1 resize

Manufacturer’s Delight

Flocks of shrieking seagulls loomed overhead as the fog horn from a nearby container ship blared into the salty sea air of Long Beach Harbor. The soft patter of waves hitting the break water was rather soothing as we nervously started backing Josh Rozsa’s Nissan S13 into place. The glimmer of the marvelous fresh black paint was reflecting the hundreds… Read more →


Akira – Rauh-Welt Begriff, Manila

As some of you know, I have been out of the car scene for quite a while. So everything that has came out recently, like Liberty Walk‘s luxurious projects, Rocket Bunny‘s FR-S, Rauh-Welt Begriff‘s Porsche’s, are all foreign to me. I have only seen pictures and features online, but never in real life. Until I visited Ian at Car Porn… Read more →


Life and times with my Hakosuka…Part 6: Delivery

So today is the day!!! I return a few days later to Garage Kutsumi, cash in hand, this time I’m with Paul, Chris was on a drifting trip at Ebisu that day. He had to come see the Skyline and this place for himself. The car is sitting outside on the wheels I wanted (the ad pictured gold Watanabe RS wheels)… Read more →


Daily driven by a KING

I often hear people ask other people “what kind of car do you drive!?” I hear myself asking that question as well. When answered, others just nods their head, or sometimes respond with the occasional “Oh cool!”, I have a different response… I ask, “Why?” Cheap. Good on gas. Because it looks cool. The answer that they give me make… Read more →


Life and times with my Hakosuka…Part 5: The Find

This part might be quite long, so I want to put out a disclosure. My story is the TRUTH. It is what I personally experienced; and I’m not trying to back up any rumors, so to speak. With that said, on with the story. Driving around in Japan, is quite expensive. Gas is expensive, traffic eats up more of it… Read more →


Life and times with my Hakosuka… Part 3: Research, actually Part 2.5: Denial

So now I was hooked. Bringing back my R33 was too expensive, bringing back a KPGC10 was WAY too expensive. So I hate to say it, I gave up. I didn’t want anything else. I only had one shot at this if I couldn’t get what I wanted I didn’t want anything to bring back. I traded my R33 for… Read more →

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