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Life and times with my Hakosuka… Part 3: Research, actually Part 2.5: Denial

So now I was hooked. Bringing back my R33 was too expensive, bringing back a KPGC10 was WAY too expensive. So I hate to say it, I gave up. I didn’t want anything else. I only had one shot at this if I couldn’t get what I wanted I didn’t want anything to bring back. I traded my R33 for… Read more →


Life and times with my Hakosuka… Part 2: The NISMO Festival

Being new to Japan I was quick to find a friend in Paul. A fellow Skyline enthusiast, he was the proud owner of a ’96 LeMans Edition BCNR33 GT-R. Beautiful car, special LeMans decals, special LeMans Blue paint and Gold BBS LM’s were all standard to that model. Anyway, I ran into him at the post office at Yokota AB,… Read more →

Life and times with my Hakosuka…

Hello! My name is Roy and on this site I will chronicle a multi-part series on how I came about discovering what a classic Nissan Skyline is and how my life has been after acquiring my very own “Hakosuka”. To those uniformed a “Hakosuka” is the nickname for the ’68 – ’72 Nissan Skyline. My car specifically is a 1972… Read more →

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