Lone Star Drift Round 4

My name is Sy, I’m new here to Autobatsu and for my first post, coverage from the Round 4 of the Texas Lone Star Drift Series. This series has been around for a while and have been the center for drifting in Texas. This round featured some a battle of time attack cars against the drift cars but I arrived a bit too late and missed out on all of that action. But from what I heard from the drifters, the grip cars destroyed them.

This Corvette was out there humiliating the drift cars.

This Mustang built by Vorshlag was also kicking butt and taking names.

This AE86 was one of the slower time attack cars, but looked pretty good going around the track.

This Cressida, owned by Robert Turnbow, broke the dogbox in it and was out for the event, it usually put on a good show with a ~600hp 2jz.

Fielding Shredder’s 1.5jz S14 has a lot of battle scars because he likes to run into things and other competitors.

Dewayne Ramsey’s Banana Boat Cressida was a top competitor despite rugged exterior. His front coilovers are bent due collisions but he prefer the feel of it more like that.

This is a car you don’t see everyday drifting. I forgot his name but he is a really young driver.

The infield of Texas Motor Speedway is pretty unforgiving for inexperience drivers since it has about a foot drop outside of the rumble strip in some area. It has been know to launch cars that goes off track up about 4-5ft into the air.

Here is Aaron Losey, the organizer of the series, giving high fives to the drivers coming in to pit.

Dewayne denies Aaron of a high five, just kidding, he noticed Aaron right after this picture.

At the end, the win goes to Dewayne Ramsey in the Banana Boat Cresidda.



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