Surfs Up!

Usually when someone hits me up for a photo shoot, I can pretty much bet on it being a Euro or Japanese vehicle. When my buddy Paul from SS Customs called he said he had a Vintage Lady. When I pulled up my jaw dropped…
801The 1967 Chevy C10 reminded me of a pin-up, Classy and Timeless. The owner paid attention to detail showing cosmetic rust in all the right spots and a wood grain lined truck bed.

802This Betty is sitting pretty on 22 inch wheels and lowered on custom suspension. Exuding those west coast feels. 

_MG_1966This beach goer is also just not for cruising it’s a bit of a sleeper. The Chevy’s ports are balanced and blueprinted 350 Chevy small block, which is mated to a 3 speed TH350. I didn’t dig into it too deep but from the sound of the exhaust it was heavily modified.

_MG_1959Taking this all in, as a car enthusiast, I had a new appreciation of domestic vehicles and this one in particular. Its hard not to stare at a classic with just the right touch of flare. 






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