Perspective on WEKFEST LA 2014, Part 1: What I expect.

WEKFEST LA 2014 was my official return to car show competition and my first time to (finally) compete as a member of my car crew squadone.

Originated by promoting Bay Area “NorCal” car culture in San Francisco, WEKFEST really started gaining traction after it started the WEKFEST USA Tour in 2011. Today any WEKFEST event is the modern day version the likes of Import Showoff or Hot Import Nights at its peak… at least in this writer’s humble view.

I used to attend and compete in many of those “older” shows and its nice to see that there still is a vibe and a sense that “this is different”; a bit more special than your typical car show. I’m glad its still alive and I wish the people of WEKFEST much success in their future.

Anyway, on to what I would call my point of view of this event. Part 1: What I expect…

What do I mean by that? Clean precise examples of an idea, executed to a T, on the platform of their choice. I have no real favorite. I may be bias to a specific marque or model; but that’s for me. When I go to a show of this caliber, I want to see it on just about everything, and I feel like I got it in spades…






















Stay tuned for further coverage of this event: Part 2: What stood out.



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