Club Loose North Inaugural 2014

Club Loose has been hosting drift events in the Northeast, as you may know, for quite some time now. However, the furthest north they had been to was Englishtown Raceway in New Jersey, home of the Club Loose event. To see them come up to my neck of the woods was a treat both for me and my gas tank.


I decided last June 16th that I would be pre-registering prior to the June 20th deadline for the event to drive, seeing that it was $75 for the day, which was very doable. That dream was shattered when I looked at the event info saying that the pre register is closed. June 15th, 10:17pm it was announced that there were 42 drivers already pre registered and no way to accommodate anymore. Bummer.


It was a relief when the day finally came since there would’ve been no way that I would’ve made it for the driver’s meeting since I just traveled 6 hours from New Jersey covering the Formula D Rd 4 event.


After a few hours of rest, I drove myself up to Loudon, NH, where New Hampshire Motor Speedway was located and now home of Club Loose North. Caffeine was no match to the drowsiness I was feeling after the tiring drive back from Jersey.

IMG_2345IMG_2816 IMG_2828 IMG_2837

I was woken up by the sound of tires squelching around one of the parking lots. Alas! I’ve found the spot.


IMG_2542 IMG_2572 IMG_2672 IMG_2744

It was the same spot as where the Drift Spot drift clinic was held. It wasn’t a huge vicinity but it was sufficient for the day. As usual, the event was divided into three groups, A, B, and C. C being the first timers, B having the experience, and A are the ones that have been doing it for awhile.


Coming from a professional event less than 24 hours, there was definitely a distinct difference between grassroots and sponsored drifting. Club Loose offered more of a wholesome close family atmosphere and professional series offer more of an excitement for the audience.

Mike Lynch of Drift Faction came out with his E30, I have been following him on instagram and finally got to see the car at Staggered this year for the first time. At the event I finally got to see it in action.


The drivers were very happy because like the other Club Loose events I attended, they got a lot of seat time. My friends had to stop on their own because either the car couldn’t handle it anymore or they ran out of tires. Could Club Loose really be comparable to a drift festival in Japan?

IMG_2386 IMG_2388 IMG_2389

Overall, the event was a success, (from my point of view). The next one will be the day after all the fireworks this coming weekend, the 5th of July. If you’re in the upper east coast make sure you come and pre register, seat time goes quick.

IMG_2788 IMG_2790




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