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When you were 16 what car did you want? You probably day dreamed about Skylines, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, or maybe even a Lotus. What if the car you wanted was something most people considered plain or ordinary? What if you set your goal just high enough to be attainable? Chris Buckner did just that but took it a step further. He made that plain ordinary car you see all the time into something much more grandiose…


I met Chris a couple years ago. He was a super down to earth and nice guy. At the time he was driving a VW Passat. For all of us who have been involved in the VW world knows that the builds can be a bit… sketchy. Usually there are suspension hacks, wheels that dont quite “fit”, and lots of frustration. Chris went through all of this but was constantly saving for the car he really wanted, an Acura TL.


Going into this shoot I didn’t really know what to expect since I had never seen the car before. As I pulled into the parking lot to meet Chris I realized he had definitely moved on from the Passat and had something special. While I have seen other TL’s in the past with similar setups, this time it clicked. The Leon Hardiritt Orden wheels where tucked perfectly under the frame of the car. The height was perfect thanks to the air suspension while giving the option to be functionally driven without the hassle of being static. The white exterior with black roof were complimented perfectly by the black interior with Recaro seats and white Grip Royal steering wheel.



The simple and refined approach to this build really spoke to me. There was nothing over the top. Nothing looked hacked together. Everything was clean, fit, and just plain worked both visually and functionally.




There may be other cars out there with similar setups and some that are almost identical. The great thing about this car is it is exactly what the owner wanted and built after years of saving and working hard to get to where he is now. If you tell Chris his car is awesome he will probably say “Thanks, its alright” because at the end of the day he is  humble, hard working guy who knew what he wanted. I think everyone should set their goals even if they aren’t as lofty as someone else’s and go for it.



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