Staggered 2014 – Somers, CT

Staggered: /ˈstagərd/ verb, past tense: staggered; past participle: staggered

  1. walk or move unsteadily, as if about to fall.
  2. astonish or deeply shock.
  3. arrange (events, payments, hours, etc.) so that they do not occur at the same time; spread over a period of time.

I looked up the meaning of it and that’s what came up. All three of them actually applied to what happened May 4th 2014.

Staggered is a car show that is hosted at Somers, CT. I really don’t know much about it besides what I was told by my friends. I was told that it was a big event and that it’s pretty fun. I decided to check it out.

The last car show I remember attending was back in 2009 in North Carolina. I was invited by my good friend Erin Luk to cover the event for Urban Racer back in the day. Hot Import Nights. It surely was hot and I thoroughly enjoyed the day, kicking back and enjoying the models and cars on display. That was five years ago. I have since lost touch with what’s cool with the car show scene. It was the rise of Honda’s, Impreza’s, and Evo’s back in those days. What does it look like now?

After an overnight stay at a friend’s place in Springfield, MA, which did not yield much sleep, we set out early in the morning since the show started at 11. We made a convoy on our way out to Somers, driving through the back roads for the sake of the cars in our group that weren’t street legal.


On the final stretch to the car show, the traffic was horrendous; we were stuck in traffic for an hour to drive a mile. It was the line to get into the car show. This was at 11am and cars after cars are still pouring in. I decided to walk and start snapping pics to scout some talent.


As I was walking past the cars that were either going to be spectating or entering, I noticed that not a whole lot has changed when it comes to Honda’s being modified. It was for the better though, they’ve actually take the clean modifications from before and slightly altered them. Frankly I’m just happy to not see Altezza lights on them. Tired and sleepy from the night prior and then hiking for a mile, my mood was not the greatest. After being staggered (you choose which meaning from the options above) I finally reached the top of the hill, Staggered 2014.


It was a big car show, I ran out of numbers trying to count how many cars there were. I excitedly walked to see what kind of cars we’d be dealing with.

IMG_5605 IMG_5607 IMG_5610 IMG_5614

For the first 14 minutes, I felt very exclusive, I only snapped 5 pictures. They were the only one that caught my eyes. I am not saying that all the cars were terrible but it definitely wasn’t the scene I was used to. Then it dawned on me, I might as well take as many pictures as I can and just browse through for the good ones later on. That’s what I did.

IMG_5615 IMG_5616 IMG_5618 IMG_5621IMG_5749

I’m about to get honest about my post, so if you’re easily offended I would suggest that you just browse through the pictures and stop reading. You’ve been warned.

As I started walking around I noticed that anybody who had $25 in their pocket could enter this car show. I saw a lot of stock cars, no, not the NASCAR kind, but the factory stock cars, old and new. I won’t get into details about the older 15 year old cars but there were Nissan GT-R’s that showed up with  nothing done to them. Cool, you can afford a $70,000 car, this would’ve been cool to see a stock one like 3 years ago.

This car has the right to be "dapper".

This car has the right to be “dapper”.

Another thing that really ticked me off was the stickers and fake license plates that people put on their car nowadays. Don’t get me wrong, I love stickers but there are a few that kind of didn’t make sense to me. Example: “Dapper”. Unless I’m missing out that it’s a group/car club name, I don’t see the point of this sticker. The meaning of the word is, (typically of a man) neat and trim in dress, appearance, or bearing. I get it, it applies to car, but most of the cars that had this sticker were not neat and trimmed and of a nice appearance.

Even though this car was rocking the license plate, I believe that this car looks really clean and for sure he gv's a fuk to make it look this nice.

Even though this car was rocking the license plate, I believe that this car looks really clean and for sure he gv’s a fuk to make it look this nice. Even sporting the “I <3 Yoga Pants”.

Now, let’s move on the fake European license plate. This is the same as the fake Japanese license plate that were a big deal a decade ago– remember those EG-9 plates? Now it’s worse with the European plates. The police, your mother, and corporate executives love your, “NoFuksGvn” plate. Really? Apparently you do since you’re here at a car show saying you don’t give a fuck, yet you’re broadcasting it out. If you have to tell people that you “gv no fuks,” you are doing it wrong. This plate is a catch 22, others can say that about your car but you can’t say it to your own car. Makes sense? Good, moving along.

Now that I got that out of the way, let’s talk about what I did like about the event. About some of the people that did get it. They understand why they’re entering the car show, to show their car and the work they’ve put into it. The people who did have a passion to make a difference, people who envisioned their car from the start. These people are the ones that stood out from the crowd, and I appreciated these. I know there isn’t many new things to do to your car that haven’t done before, but these guys added their own flare to it. Something that will show you, this car is different because it’s “mine”.

IMG_5787 IMG_5790 IMG_5786 IMG_5792

One of the show winners, William Izaguirre, had brought out his 1968 Datsun Roadster out to the show. The car looked familiar. While I was admiring the details and the work that was put into the car, I started talking to the owner only to learn that it was featured by Super Street. Of course, that’s where I saw it. We chatter more about how he’s been bringing it out to car shows all over the North East and this year even making it out to the Mid West. He always said, “Drive,” and he truly meant that he *drives* his car to all these shows. You won’t get any pleasure unless you drive your car. His car truly left an impression on me, I’d like to chase him down one of these days and get a shoot of his car. I want to hear more stories from this guy.

Others that I liked were the slammed beetles and slammed old Benz’ that had one thing in common: low. For some reason, it always gets me when old school cars are slammed and yet keep the correct era kind of tires. It’s like old meets the new. Love it.

IMG_5625 IMG_5631

Looking back, I feel like I am just completely out of tune when it comes to car shows/meets– I don’t know what’s in anymore, could it be that I am showing my age? Or is it that I have just been living under a rock for a few years? Either way, this is something that I would like to do more, to get out and get a better understanding about what’s “dapper” and what’s not, whether or not I should have “NoFuksGvn,” and if I should be loving yoga pants enough tell the whole world about it via my car.

IMG_5751 IMG_5753 IMG_5755IMG_5729

Regardless of all the Negative Nancy comments I have made, I enjoyed Staggered. The car show was put together well and had an amazing turn out. It was a great time hanging out with friends and making new ones. Talking to people who are passionate about what they have and share one common interests. I will surely be coming to the future events that they will hold.




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  1. August 6, 2015 at 8:17 pm

    Rob, I want to invite you to come out to our next Staggered event, it will be October 11th, 2015 at the Eastern States Expo in West Springfield, Ma. Please email me at

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