Life and times with my Hakosuka…Part 9.2: The MINE’s trip.

The Mine’s trip was one of those days that I wonder will ever happen again in my lifetime. It was one of those Skyline sensory overload days. I sure do miss them.

The characters (and cars) that day were Dave and his Top Secret R34, Dino Dalle Carbonare (you may have seen his pictures on with his V-spec R34, a friend of his we were providing a lift to pick up his V-spec R34, being prepped by Mine’s and me in my little Hako. Paul (previously mentioned owner of the Special Edition R33 LeMans GT-R) was also in the mix, riding shotgun with me to snap some pics of the day, off we go on the Shuto…



img9431kw1Here’s Dino in his beautiful R34 GT-R sitting on bronze Volk Racing CE28N’s and sporting a Nismo front end.

img9449da5-1Also in the pack is Dave (owner at the time) with this highly modified Top Secret “Competizione R” R34 GT-R with just about every Top Secret part you and imagine with some extra rare goodies under the hood, a sultry Do-luck body kit, and to top it off a rare set of forged Magnesium Volk Racing.







Along the way we spotted an Nismo “S1” prepped R32 GT-R rolling on bronze Volk Racing TE37’s, judging by the gunmetal grey color, the additional lip spoiler, and the lack of a rear wiper, it may have came from the factory as an original Nissan Skyline GT-R “Nismo”, of which only 560 were made! Nice choice of custom plate too!

img9399bt1-1This is my favorite shot…

img9505ol8I completely pulled away during this 60 to 90 rolling start…NOT!!! This day was also the highest top speed I had ever driven my car, I almost hit 195kph! I could have gone more, but honestly I was a bit nervous on what the old girl could handle. It was mad work just keeping these two within my visual distance!!!


img9449da5I just LOVE that Top Secret front bumper! The rounded corners around the grill and massive opening for the intercooler just ooze so much more lust than the stock or even the Nismo front end for me.

And then we arrived…



DSC09950As is the norm in Japan parking is a at premium so it took us awhile to get situated…






Who deserves to wear the old school “GT-R” badge more a real R34 GT-R…

…or a real KGC10 “non GT-R”?


And then we went inside…


DSC09982 DSC09984After mulling around a bit and checking our the oohs and aahs of the place it was time to head out back and check out the gem we were here for…we were greeted by not one but two.


A Bayside Blue R34 GT-R outfitted with a Nismo Kit and Nismo wheels for looks and of course a lot of go fast goodies from MIne’s.




img9561pj4 img9568yo3

If you haven’t guessed by now Bayside Blue is quite a popular color for the R34 GT-R, this one parked next to our car also had a Nismo body kit, a much larger wing, I believe a larger amount of Mine’s equipment, sitting on BBS LM’s and its a V-spec II Nur! Like they say, there’s always a bigger fish…


Protected by Doraemon…


I know I would be extremely happy to with my Skyline again…img9611in5-1img9641lh4 img9650oa8


This day later on led to my first real photo shoot compliments of Dino…

Until next time… Part 9.3: Photo shoot with DCD at Odaiba…



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