Life and times with my Hakosuka…Part 8: More stuff…

As most of you know, working on your favorite car never seems to end, once your done with one thing either something brakes or it’s “Hhhmmm, what can I do next?”
I really miss my Skyline, like an old friend… Don’t worry, she’s still mine, sitting safely in her locked garage… on jack stands…. with gas stabilizer in the tank… and the original Japanese battery disconnected… under a car cover… padlocked to the concrete.Sorry went on a tangent there…where was I… Oh yeah more stuff… So of course I took advantage of being in Japan to get more stuff:

OEM Decals:

Suspension pieces:

Interior bits:

And some stuff I just cleaned up:

Velocity Stacks

But surprisingly I found myself buying stuff form the U.S. too! The Japanese are big fans of USDM stuff so to have a AutoMeter Tachometer or an MSD Ignition is “Kakoi neh ?!” (Cool huh?!”). A lot of the old timer shops and Kyusha-Nori guys I met out there really like this stuff or already had it on their cars. Some of you might find this sacrilege, but to me if the Japanese thought it was cool to get this stuff, I figured I could take another advantage that I had: regular U.S. postage shipping to Yokota Air Base from JEGS! Yeah, JEGS!

I installed a MSD 6AL Ignition (ran waaaaay smoother)…

MSD 6AL Ignition

…a set of MSD 8.5mm wires, Greddy Oil Catch Can (bought local)…

MSD 8mm Spark Plug Wires

…and an earth grounding kit…

Earth Grounding Kit

…a gold powder coated valve cover and some Earl’s plumbing.

Hakosuka Engine Bay

Here’s and old engine pic for reference: 


…and I put the interior together…In this pic you can see the Victoria RR Steering Wheel, Broadway 270mm Mirror, Razo Pedals with Rubber Soul Dead Pedal, Carbon Kevlar Bride Stradia with the Rubber Soul Rails and Sabelt Harness, a Japanese road flare (required for Japanese Compulsory Insurance), replaced the old A/C with a rotating mini fan I picked up at Autobacs, a new radio bezel I picked up from the NISMO Festival, and my most lucky piece a complete center console from another Skyline that a got for a trade for my bad one. He was a really good guy, he didn’t want any cash, just the old one. (If you look really carefully to you can see period correct double bar wiper blades on the windshield. :tu: )


I threw on some 25mm spacers out back to push the wheels out (they were only 15×8.5j) and I finally felt she was somewhat road worthy to hang with my other Skyline buddies (HyRev and GTROC members) this led a few “opportunities”…

Part 9:Road Trips and Photo Shoots… Don’t miss it!!! (Initial D =P)






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