Life and times with my Hakosuka…Part 7: Repair, replace and modify

Back to our regularly scheduled program…

I know, I know, I know…my first order of business should’ve been repair. But modifying is so much fun!!! Its the first thing you see! (Man, I’m so superficial :oops: But I had to finish the GT-R “look”. So once I got her home…

No garage, not even a car port! Pretty much the norm in Japan…


I assessed what I needed. The taillights were missing the elusive GT-R end caps for the chrome taillight bezels. Those things are pretty heavy btw, not the end caps (plastic) but the larger surround (steel). I totally get why they take them off on the race cars. If you purchase pick up a Hako try to get the seller to throw these in, I couldn’t order them at the Nissan Parts Warehouse. Luckily I was able to pick them up used at the New Year Meeting in Odaiba. A little pricey though, maybe $80US? The other stuff I ordered at the Nissan Parts Warehouse, just a 10min drive from my house. (Pure luck :mrgreen: )





I’m just finishing up bolting them back in. You have to remove the bezel and attach the end cap with a couple of screws and then put the bezel back on.


Took some measurements and added the Rear GT-R emblem…Man, she is aching to be lowered!!! 8)

DSC09998…added the Front GT-R emblem (check out the cloudy and spherical sealed beam headlights)…

…attached the Red “GT”emblems (I didn’t swap out the “Skyline” emblems).





But as for the the Red “2000GT” emblem for the center console…






Also in this pic, I swapped the old shift boot for a new one, the Impul shift knob with a GC110 GT-R Shift Knob (more on that later). I got rid of the old double DIN Kenwood for the one in I had in my Silvia, added a Carmate Free Box, threw in the carbon kevlar Bride Stradia and Sabelt harness also from the Silvia, and relocated a lot of the wiring.

…and I updated the letter “N” on the grill…

Before: see above


..and that ridiculously expensive Rear Red “Skyline” Emblem…

Before: see above


 I won’t lie, I cheated. I used a fine modeling paint brush and this:

tes1312Best $2 I ever spent!!! :tu:

Tune in next time for my next entry…Part 8: I don’t know what I’m gonna call it yet…



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