Life and times with my Hakosuka…Part 6: Delivery

So today is the day!!! I return a few days later to Garage Kutsumi, cash in hand, this time I’m with Paul, Chris was on a drifting trip at Ebisu that day. He had to come see the Skyline and this place for himself.


The car is sitting outside on the wheels I wanted (the ad pictured gold Watanabe RS wheels) and the car is washed and fueled. I do a once over of the car and took a few pics before we start:

Some exterior shots:


As you can see she is missing a few bits on the exterior, but the important parts are done, new paint, new rubber around the front and back windshields, GT-R wing, front lip, GT-R grill, and the all important rear fender conversion.  There’s even some matching front fender flares! :tu: If you look closely she still has all the original blue GT badges.

The interior however is another story… :|


Interior shots:

Lots of bad wiring, an A/C that doesn’t work, a gaping, jagged hole where there should be a factory radio…another thing I didn’t know at the time :oops:. But at least all the gauges were clear, legible, and functioning…If you ever try to buy one off these, find one with a good center console, at the time (2006) they were going for $800 US!!!

On the plus side none of the seats were not separating or torn, the dash top was a brand new factory replacement, the headliner was still taught with no sagging, the door cards aside from some missing chrome were all in good nick, and all the lights, gauges and switches worked (aside from that 80’s Kenwood deck).

Oh and a beautiful rust free trunk! I wish I kept that original spare!

IMG_9060 IMG_9061

I meet with a completely different person than the last time I was here and we go over and the paperwork. Paperwork in Japan for just about anything requires a lot of stamps and seals. I’m presented with a bill of sale, a receipt, some other documents, and the registration sticker that is supposed to placed on the window at the Land Transportation Office(?). He hands me the keys, we take a few pictures and I’m off. :D

If you read: Life and times with my Hakosuka…Part 5: The Find you may have noticed that there was only the one picture. Well this time around I had my camera and I have several pics of the area.


On our way home, I could not figure out how to turn on the damn headlights. I feared the worst, an electrical bug, I just left the shop and it was getting dark. I knew the brake lights, signals, reverse, and parking lights were all good. Even the Hi-beams, I just couldn’t get the lows on. So I just pulled back on the high beam lever almost all the way home.

What a major super rookie mistake :oops: The lights on the car are like any other normal Japanese car: twist the stalk :idea:. The control stalks on the steering column do not have any visible markings like todays cars and all the wiper controls are on the center console, so I never suspected that the stalks could actually twist. Wow, I felt super dumb when I figured that out a couple of days later. I really thought all the lights were supposed to come on with that oddball light switch on the dash. :D

Either way I was very happy to get her home, it was quite a drive back due to it being late and me and Paul hit a quite a bit of traffic. Luckily Paul took a few picks on our drive back.


Stay tuned until next time…I don’t even know what Part 7 will be about…Repair, replace and modify probably…the fun stuff!!!



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