Drift Spot NHMS – April 2014

My faith in drifting is slowly being restored. I attended a small event in New Hampshire that really put a smile on my face.



Drift Spot has been hosting drift clinic since 2009 and still going strong to date. Last weekend, they hosted a drift clinic/test and tune at New Hampshire Motor Speedway located at the heart of Loudon, NH. Where there is nothing else to see except for the track.

Weekly, there is something going on at NHMS, whether it be an SCCA event or sometimes, even big ol’ NASCAR hits the oval concrete track and people from all over the country invade this small town in the southern part of New Hampshire. This week was no different, a parking lot was rented out for the new and up and coming drivers to drift and have fun.



The atmosphere was great, I felt like I was a part of something once more. Everyone had a smile on their face. The facility may not be the most ideal, but it was sufficient for what we wanted to do– get some seat time and practice. A lot of beginners set out for a part of the lot for them to do figure 8’s and from the looks of it, big donuts. On the other side in a larger section, were the guys who already have experience and are just there to practice sliding sideways the legal way. $40? You really can’t beat that price for an entire day of burning tires.

Some guys from the BOSSTOWN drift team are there practicing tandem drifting for the upcoming event in the middle of nowhere America, Wisconsin, for the ClubFR hosted Final Bout. The team looks promising but they definitely require more seat time to beat the top teams across America, and also our neighbors across the border who love maple syrup and bacon, the Canadians.

I love the fact that everything was so easy going for this event. Everybody was very welcoming, it was just a bunch of nice people that has the same passion, drifting. I honestly wished that I had driven just to get my blood pumping again. Of course, the heckling is always present, which I know I deserve for the time being thanks to my lack of experience as of late. I haven’t really had the chance to drive since 2007.


A lot of the cars that attended this event got the true idea of what a street style drift car should look like. Interior intact with comfort items such as radios that work and comfortable seating. Others, not so much, but from the looks of it, the car that they’re driving is built to have fun.


Nonetheless, what made me smile about this event is that it shows the beginning. The beginning of a better car industry and a better future for drifting, a motor sport I truly love.



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