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I often hear people ask other people “what kind of car do you drive!?” I hear myself asking that question as well. When answered, others just nods their head, or sometimes respond with the occasional “Oh cool!”, I have a different response… I ask, “Why?”


Cheap. Good on gas. Because it looks cool.

DSC_8648The answer that they give me make sense. It’s to convince me that they have made the right choice on their car purchase. I on the other hand look at cars differently. I look at cars not because of what they are now, it’s what it can be. This is why I enjoyed Ian King’s daily driver, an E39 BMW M5.

If you haven’t read about Ian’s shop, Car Porn Racing, do so now. It will give you a better understanding on what I’m about to say. It’s okay, I’ll wait.

So from that post, I briefly discussed him being a visionary. His cars are no different. This car not only makes sense to him, but to car enthusiast in general as well. You see, the Philippines doesn’t have the best roads. Most of them are missing painted lane dividers, and no lines means no rules: you’ll fit how ever many cars you can on a given road. Sometimes it even bleeds out to the opposite lane. Even when they end up painting lines, the drivers disregard them and keep up with their old ways. Five cars on a three lane highway.

So, to avoid fender benders as a result of 5-cars-3-lanes, Ian installed StopTech’s big brake kit on the M5, to make sure that this car will not be a part of those types of accidents. It also plays a big role when Ian is out having fun with the car.

On top of that, the pavement is eroded away to a bare minimum. No, they don’t peel it off, it wears away on its own, but at a much higher rate than normal due to poor maintenance and poor engineering. If I got a nickel for every crack and pothole I drove over on the roads of the Philippines, I would own Google by now. Maybe I’m exaggerating to make my story sound cooler than it is, but it’s seriously horrendous, making it impossible for car tuners to lower their car without it damaging the undercarriage.

This road issue has hindered car enthusiasts’ visions for years.

But Ian had an epiphany: he brought aftermarket airbag suspension to the Philippines.


This may not seem a big deal in the US but for Ian’s own countrymen, this is gibberish. And like any other alienated part for a car, it’s being questioned. Doubts arose on the durability of the product. Ian seemed to have no problem drifting the cars on which he’s installed it.

Ian’s M5 is equipped with an Airrex suspension and Accuair air management with touchpad. He can adjust his ride height with a touch of a button. From a daily driven stance, to a track height, to a hard park show car style, slammed to the ground.


As far as the aero kit goes, it’s an extensive wide body kit that was derived from M Division and Ian just gave it a much meaner and aggressive look. Enough to house a 18 x 12″ wide wheel but soon enough, it will be replaced with a Fifteen52 19 x 12 fronts and 13’s for the rear. A big growling V8 needs wide meat.


Now, what made Ian choose a BMW? Because he got sick of the Japanese car scene. I completely understand this comment from him, mostly because of the flooded market and quick rush build that most of the people don’t think about. People who are buying parts because it’s what’s “IN” at the moment. His choice might have been a sad news for some, but this was the gateway for all the crazy V8 swaps they have done in their shop. A much bigger gain, in my opinion.


Different thinking that surely made an impact.



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