Akira – Rauh-Welt Begriff, Manila

As some of you know, I have been out of the car scene for quite a while. So everything that has came out recently, like Liberty Walk‘s luxurious projects, Rocket Bunny‘s FR-S, Rauh-Welt Begriff‘s Porsche’s, are all foreign to me. I have only seen pictures and features online, but never in real life. Until I visited Ian at Car Porn Racing, Manila.


When I made my trip, there were currently three RWB cars that had recently been built by Nakai-san. First was Victoria (who was going through under a surgery, from what it seems like), The General (who was not present during the shoot), and then there’s Akira, owned by a guy name Pablo Valdez.


Pablo is a cooking master who attained educational prowess at The Center for Culinary Arts Manila and extra special instruction at the Greystone Culinary Institue of America in Napa Valley, California.  He further honed his skills with knife work, pancake flips, and telekinesis in Spain, France and Greece. Even though he has a big appetite and love for food, anything automotive has stolen his heart ever since he was a kid.


Like me, Pablo only saw a video of an RWB build, but he was astonished with the craftsmanship that Mr. Akira Nakai did to each of the Porsche’s he touched. Nakai is a true artist and a living legend through his eyes. It was love at first sight. Pablo became a fan and has done tremendous research by watching videos and staring at images everyday. He had a vision, he wanted an RWB Porsche of his own. He made the move and emailed Toshi Ichiraku – the International Division Director of RWB. And like a sign from up above, Toshi replied.


Before all this can be executed, Nakai-san will need a place to create his masterpiece. So, Pablo and Kim Garcia from Car Porn Racing were having a few beers at Pablo’s restaurant and he had asked Kim if it would be possible for him to use Ian’s shop for Nakai to use for his creations. Kim then asked Ian, and the agreement was made.


Ian made a trip  all the way from Manila to the fabulous city of Las Vegas for the annual SEMA Show. Ian introduced himself to the RWB Team and was able to meet Nakai-san personally. This is where they closed the deal. Nakai-san scheduled for it and he packed his bags and flew out to the tropical country of the Philippines.

This was when RWB Manila/Philippines was born.


As for Pablo, he has then joined the Rennlist forum and has been inquiring with the 911 owners to be guided properly for his build. Akira is a Porsche 964 C4, and during the shoot, he had been going through under the knife to execute a better power to weight ratio. All the excess fat is being stripped out to maximize what the M64 engine has to offer.


Akira is running air suspension, same as Victoria, but he opted for some SSR Professor’s as his shoes.  Also, Pablo had kept the original paint job from when Nakai first started the build up to this shoot. During the Manila Auto Salon however,  Akira recently got some new skin– It’s a blueish Matte-Metallic vinyl that Pablo had installed, and honestly, it looks sexier than ever.


I asked Pablo for future plans and his reply? “I would like to keep it to myself first for now.”

I can’t wait for these plans to unfold. Who knows? I might make a trip back to my home country and get all of the Filipino Idlers all in for a feature.


Car Porn Racing has since taken off as the RWB shop of the Philippines. There is now four RWBs in the Philippines and that number continues to grow.




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