Life and times with my Hakosuka…Part 4: Funding

Now for the funding. I had sold the R33 and made a profit, plus I sold all my accessories. I did the same with the Supra, and again with the Silvia. I bought a little Mitsubishi Chariot minivan as my daily and I also had my Honda CBR 900RR that I had brought back from the States that I could sell too, if I had to… So I bought other cars just to fix up/repair and resell, just to make a little more money.

I bought and sold a Toyota Corolla II “Windy”, a very basic little hatchback:


A Toyota Sprinter Marino, a kind’ve an egg shaped Corolla with a 20 valve 4AGE in it:

toyota_sprinter_marino_3008932_2_orig And of course my daily, the Mitsubishi Chariot:


Unfortunately, I ended up having to sell my bike too :( . That really sucked. I’ve been through a lot on that bike, and I’ve met a lot of great people being a rider. I’ve rode from Las Vegas to California and all over Japan, she was the best. I rode her hardest all over Japan, but I felt it was time to let her go (plus it was killing my back anyway).

She was the last year of the Honda CBR 900 “Double R” and I had done her up in different color-ways: all Black, Black and Silver, an Erion Racing replica and lastly as a commemorative bike for Daijiro Kato:

349_32394906588_547001588_1066572_8654_nDajiro died at 2003 MotoGP Champioships :( . He was a rider that was destined to be one of the greats until his demise at Suzuka Speedway, the last year MotoGP competed at Suzuka. 

RIP number 74…

Next chapter you won’t want to miss, Part 5: The Find






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