Life and times with my Hakosuka… Part 3: Research, actually Part 2.5: Denial

So now I was hooked. Bringing back my R33 was too expensive, bringing back a KPGC10 was WAY too expensive. So I hate to say it, I gave up. I didn’t want anything else. I only had one shot at this if I couldn’t get what I wanted I didn’t want anything to bring back.

I traded my R33 for a ’96 Supra plus cash, and sold all my aftermarket parts. I wasn’t happy, it was a non-turbo, automatic, 19″ wheels and orange. YES, ORANGE! Toretto’s Garage Orange!!! With a black hood! NOT a carbon fiber hood, a black painted hood! What was I thinking!!!???!!! 😳


DSC01240 DSC01238


DSC01260 DSC01256

I was in denial, I thought this hopeless car could be a daily driver and I would get over it. I hated it. I sold it (probably the shortest ownership span in my life) and bought a ’94 Silvia Q’s. Non-turbo, but with SR20 NA power, 5 speed, very clean, and black.


DSC08762 DSC09034


DSC09527 DSC09524

If you notice I just keep carrying over those wheels I had on the R33..heh heh. I really wish I had kept the different sets of rims I had over the years. 

One good thing came out of this. I realized that if I keep buying cars, fixing them up and then sell them on, I could make some money. A regular Wheeler Dealer if you will…that was my way… that was my ticket to make enough money to get what I want…and take it back to the U.S.

Until next time…Part 3: Research



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