Life and times with my Hakosuka… Part 2: The NISMO Festival

Being new to Japan I was quick to find a friend in Paul. A fellow Skyline enthusiast, he was the proud owner of a ’96 LeMans Edition BCNR33 GT-R. Beautiful car, special LeMans decals, special LeMans Blue paint and Gold BBS LM’s were all standard to that model.


Anyway, I ran into him at the post office at Yokota AB, and he invited me to accompany a group trip to Fuji Speedway for the NISMO Festival. It is all and anything NISMO; from the accessories to their special edition cars, if you are a Nissan fan and are planning a trip to Japan I highly suggest you center a trip around it; you will not regret it.

I lost most of my pictures from that event, but I will never forget it. Until that day I thought the oldest Skyline was an R32! What a rookie! :oops: After drooling over 400R’s, Z-Tune R34’s, and a super rare 270R (S14 Silvia) I found myself drawn to an “older” car section. The first car I saw as I walked up was this:




I had no idea what I was looking at, but I was in love :shock:!!! The proportions were perfect, they way she sat there (before all this “Stance” stuff), how well she was appointed, and then he opened the hood. That 2 Litre DOHC, with the triple side draft 44 DCOE Weber carbs, and that beautiful custom hand made exhaust manifold, ugh!!! It was nirvana…I immediately wanted one. But how? I asked around and was told the price for one was more than a new R34 at the time!!! I was in awe and heartbroken at the same time… :?



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