Hi, I’m Rob

So, who am I? That’s what this post will entail.

I came up with this weird idea to contact old friends and acquaintances that are in the business of cars or have worked with around cars and have them blog about their life and the world around them. That is how autobatsu.com was born.

So let’s get up close and personal with my life (if you care). I’m currently employed with the Air Force and have been loving my traveling life for 14 years now. I have 3, yes three amazing children that has helped me on my down days with just their smile. And I loved cars ever since I was in my mother’s womb.

I have been passionate about cars ever since I was a little kid. I’ve had dreams of becoming a formula one driver even before I started walking. It has always been a continuous dream that will never become a reality. So like everyone else in the world that likes cars, I turned to street cars for an outlet.

The sound, the power, the looks and everything else that comes with cars– it excites me. I have tried shaking it off, but it never worked. It is in my blood. It was implanted in my DNA. Fortunately, I have experienced it deeply, in a way that only a tiny fraction of people in the world can say. I became a car photographer. It wasn’t always what I wanted to be, but it interests me. Seeing the cars that I love in person and getting to feel most of them under my fingertips. Having them pose for me in order to capture them in their truest form. Not only did I get to experience car events but I got the pleasure of working with some of the greatest people I have met. An honorable mention goes to the guy that taught me everything I know about cameras, Dino Carbonare from Speedhunters.

I am looking forward to all the adventures that this website will bring. I’m excited. Hope you are too.



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